Can Ear Wax Cause Ringing in Ears?

Ear Wax and Ringing Ears

Can ear wax cause ringing in ears? It can be one of the problems. But, ear wax is not always to be a problem for your ears. In normal condition ear wax is even needed to protect the internal organs of your ears. Human ears also have special design to produce such kind of oil that later changes into ear wax and they are able to clean the wax themselves. However, in some situation ear wax can be a big problem.

What makes ear wax a problem?

Human ear canal naturally produces waxy oil that is called cerumen or it is commonly called ear wax. The wax will protect your ears from microorganism or dangerous particles. The wax will also protect inside part of your ears. Naturally, your ears are able to clean the wasted wax, therefore you do not have to clean it with cotton bud or anything. If you feel like have to clean it, you need to visit the doctor.

The earwax can be a serious problem when it gets too dry and gets your ear blocked. If the earwax is too dry and solid, your ears may not be able to clean it. In this case you have to visit the doctor to clean your ears and learn how to clean the ears well at home. So, can ear wax cause ringing in ears? Ringing ears or it is called tinnitus in medical term can be caused by ear wax. But, it is only particular ear wax situation like the dry and solid ear wax that blocks your ears.

What makes ear wax trigger tinnitus?

There are several situation that makes ear wax trigger tinnitus. First, some people have different situation that lead their ears to produce too much ear wax. It can happen due to some reasons, but commonly it is caused by hormonal condition. Second, consumption of several drugs. Several kind of drugs such as antibiotic, aspirin, antidepressant, and sedative drugs. The effect of the drugs can be different for each person. The third and the last reason is your environment. Some people who work in the loud environment or have to dive without ear plugs are likely to produce more ear wax.

To reduce the ear wax build up, you have to pay attention on your health situation and your environment. You have to find the main reason that leads to over ear wax build up that trigger ringing ear. So, can ear wax cause ringing in ears? It can be one of the reason.

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