Over the Counter Ear Drops for Tinnitus Ringing

Ear Drops for Tinnitus Ringing

Ear drops for Tinnitus ringing is another option to reduce the ringing ears besides the sound masking. Medication with ear drops is only effective for subjective tinnitus type; the condition that the sound is only heard by you yourself. This type of tinnitus is not caused by hearing loss or injury. The blocked ear for the excess wax is the most common cause. To handle this problem, you can use over the counter ear drops as the solution.

Meanwhile, you can’t use this solution to treat objective tinnitus that is caused by blood vessel, inner ear muscular or bone problems. For the injury or hearing loss causes, over the counter ear drops may only do a little solving to the ear problem. For the excessive ear wax, you can use ear drops as the obstruction. It will eliminate the hearing problem. There some over the counter products of ear drops to eliminate Tinnitus that can be chosen as the best solution.


When you use Debrox, it will release oxygen into the ears. The foam produced by the ear drops after contacting with the earwax and it will ease the removal because of the loosen earwax. To clean your ear safely, you can drop 5-10 Debrox in every ear. Flush your ears with warm water after 15 minutes of application. To get the optimal results, you should use the ear drops two times daily.


RingStop is another best product of ear drops for tinnitus ringing. This homeopathic remedy contains carbo vegtabilis, calcarea carbonica, cimicifuga racemose, chininum sulphuricum, coffea cruda, and many more other ingredients. This product is best for ear noises, sensitiveness, and tinnitus treatments. Read the using instruction well before using and don’t apply this product for pregnant women and those who use Coumadin or Warfarin.


This is another ear drop product that can be chosen as your best option. It contains natural ingredients such as rosemary, gingko biloba, vervain and avena sativa. Read the using instruction for safe using. It will eliminate the ringing ear problem that is caused by tinnitus as well as improving the process of circulation inside the ears that often cause ear ringing problem. For severe ringing ear, mix one-quarter cup of water with 10-15 drops of TinnaRex and then drink the mixing three times daily. You also can mix it with fruit juice instead of the water. For acute ringing ear, mix one-quarter cup of water with 5 drops of TinnaRex and then drink it in every 30 minutes. Take more than 10 doses within 12 hours.

To get more choices of medication, you may need to find more reviews of ear drops for tinnitus ringing and then get the positive customer reviews before proving the quality.

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