What is Ear Feels Clogged and Ringing?

Ear Feels Clogged and Ringing

What you should do if you get ear feels clogged and ringing? Ringing in the ear that called with tinnitus is very common and it is quite annoying especially if you person that need to more communicative with people. Tinnitus symptom appears with noise that no one around you hears. The noise usually come with buzzing or ringing or even rushing and clicking sound that goes along into your heartbeat. The sound sometimes also accompanied with hearing loss and dizziness that aware as condition known as Meniere disease. In other side, ear clogged is common to occur in people at any age. The causes for ear become clogged is vary depends to individual and circumstances.

Causes of Ears Clogged

Your ears are able to get clogged because of these three top reasons:

· Traped fluids
· Changes in altitude
· And buildup of earwax

Ways to get rid of the ear feels clogged and ringing

When you get ear feels clogged and ringing, you can do these step by step treatments at your home. Have ears clogged have symptom such as suffer from severe pain while others do not feel any pain. The most common symptom of clogged ear is headache due to pain and inability to sleep. Due to the pain, it is not recommended to ignore the clogged ear as it could be sign of infection and possibility to hearing loss, especially when you feel it together with tinnitus/ringing. You can these simple ways to unclog your ears.

· Olive oil.

Heat olive oil, baby oil into lukewarm temperature. Lie side and place few drops in ear cover with cotton pad and lay for few minutes, use cotton ball to wipe up any excess oil and earwax.

· Use warm cloth to unclog your ears.

Heat the cloth with iron or sunlight and use it to cover the clogged ear for few minutes. You also able to use cloth by soak in warm water after that excess the water and place the damp cloth in the clogged ear for several minutes.

Get rid of ear ringing

In other side, when you get ring ears, it is better for protect your ears. Wear the earplug that protects your ear from hazard noise loud. Take exercise daily, that will increase the blood circulation and able to diminish the sensation of internal ear ringing. If you usually takes aspirin, lower the doses, or switching to other pain reliever because aspirin are impair to the function of hair cells within the ear that able to cause ear feels clogged and ringing.

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