How to Get Rid of Ringing in Ears after Concert in Five Steps

Ringing in ears after concert

Learning about how to get rid of ringing in ears after concert can help you have a comfortable daily life without any ringing in your ears. Ringing in the ears, or what the experts call tinnitus, is a complicated condition, although it does not mean that it cannot be cured. Tinnitus can be mild to severe that make you cannot hear and do your activities normally. The sound can be different for each person; buzzing, hissing, crackling or clicking. So, what steps can you take?

Stop the noise

When you are attending a loud concert, the noise lingers on long after the melody stops. In fact, you may also increase the risk of tinnitus every day if you listen to music through an iPod or other portable music devices with a loud voice, and find that the noise is still ringing in your ears long after you remove the headphones. This occurs because of fatigue in your sensor and nerves due to the exposure to too loud and long noise. Worse, you could end up with temporary or even permanently hearing loss. Therefore, lower the volume of your music, or if you like to go to concerts, wear adequate hearing protection and do not stand too close to the stage.

Thump the back of the skull

If you just come from a concert or nightclub, and your ears are still buzzing, then you could have damaged the tiny hairs in your cochlea that may cause inflammation and stimulation of the nerve. If you thump the back of your skull, you can remove it slowly.

Tune out the ringing

Another way how to get rid of ringing in ears after concert is to remove the ring with some music; but avoid loud music. Listen to another voice to distract your tinnitus. While trying to sleep, plug fan, play soft music, listen to the sound of the clock or radio to distract your attention.

Avoid things that can trigger tinnitus becomes more severe

If you experience tinnitus, you will not only avoid loud noise; food, beverages, and medicines that you consume every day should be your main concern because the chemical stimulant in it can stimulate the hair cells in your ear, making them work overtime for no reason.

See your doctor

If your tinnitus does not stop for 24 hours, it is better if you see a doctor so that your tinnitus can be diagnosed correctly. Your doctor will do some tests if necessary, depending on the diagnosis and how he proceeded. The doctor will also make sure there is no nerve damage or other internal ear problems that may be related to the tinnitus.
You have had a blast at the concert that causes you to have your own music in your ears. Whether you thump your head first or try another solution, do not worry, there are many ways how to get rid of ringing in ears after concert so that you can live comfortable without your tinnitus symptoms.

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