High Pitched Ringing Ears: What’s Wrong?

High Pitched Ringing Ears
Some people will instantly be superstitious when they feel a constant high pitched ringing in ears. Is it really true? When the ringing occurs once in a while and not too loud, there maybe not a problem. However, if it occurs constantly in high pitch, you need to be aware. It’s not “people are talking about you”

When you constantly experience ringing, swishing, buzzing, clicking, or anything that makes you feel like hearing something from the inside of your ears, you have to be really aware. The situation might be symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus is actually not an illness but a sign of more serious condition such as ear infection, ear trauma, anemia, hormonal, or even the worst, it can lead to hearing loss or brain tumor.

However, tinnitus maybe not too serious. In some cases tinnitus occurs just because there is unbalance air pressure inside your ears. It usually occurs when the air pressure around you changes, especially if it follows by temperature changes. Most people experience tinnitus after diving, riding car to and from high land, and after or during plane take off and landing. To help you reduce the ringing inside your ears you can try to chew gums, drink warm water and at the same time hold your nose for a while. It will help you balance the air pressure inside your ears. But, if the tinnitus comes to be constant high pitched ringing in ears, you definitely have to check your ears to the doctors.

What causes ringing ears?

90% patients get tinnitus as one of the symptoms of hearing loss and ear infection. People who might get hearing loss are usually people who work in loud places like people who work with noise machine in the factory or people who work at the train station. In some case, rock musicians and carpenters are also pretty risky. While ear infection usually infects people who often go diving without ear plugs. In some cases, ear infection causes by certain situation of thyroid hormone.

There are also some other health condition that leads people to get tinnitus. Some people might get tinnitus because of a buildup of ear wax. Ear wax is actually produced naturally and human ears are able to clean it by themselves. However, some situation such as infection and consumption of certain drugs such as sedative drugs, aspirin, antidepressant, and several kind of antibiotics make the ear wax dry and build up. To solve the constant high pitched ringing in ears you just have to clean your ear. Let the doctor do it.

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