High Pitched Ringing in Ears and Low Ear Function Decrease, Is It Reasonable?

high pitched ringing in ears

High pitched ringing in ears often becomes a cause of ear problems. Ringing ears make everyone feel uncomfortable in which it is a factor of ear itself. It has been an open secret that high pitch takes a contribution on decreasing ear function. It can get your ears ringing after hearing it. Is it reasonable and possible to happen?

Preventing High Pitch and Loud Sound

Listening to loud music and sound for longer period of time is harmful for ear condition. It can undermine ear functions and ability to be a hearing aid. It makes sensory hair cells on the ears having function to send sound to brain will be damaged. For example, when you are listening to music at loudest volume level, it has no impacts on the ears if it is conducted for a short period of time. But, it is very serious and horrible as it is going on for longer time. The ears may be damaged permanently more than a ringing case in the ears.

High pitch and loud sound cannot be separated from a cause of ringing in the ears. You must prevent noisy places and loud sound. Those can bring about ringing ears. If you work in a noisy place, make sure to do some anticipating actions like protecting your ears or covering ears. Those way are fairly effective to reduce the bad effects of high pitched ringing in ears. You should become a wise person in selecting bad and good actions to carry out. It is better to avoid some bad routine habits like listening to music on iPod or earphone loudly. It weakens the function of ears as soon as possible.

Accepted Sound Frequency of Ears is Limited

Listening to music loudly is a fun and enjoyable action to do regularly. This habit is often conducted by many people to get boredom and stress away. But, there is a danger threatening on ears. The loud sound and music can reduce ear function. It is very reasonable and not an issue anymore. It is caused that ears have a limited hearing ability on sound. It means that the ears can damage as it listens to sound in exceeding hearing limit. Human’s ears sound tolerance is in 20 Hertz to 20.000 Hertz. Loud sound running over 20.000 Herz will not be able to hear human’s ears. Even, it can affect ears. If you are accustomed to hearing very loud sound upon 20.000 Herz, you potentially suffer ringing in the ears. This is why there is a relationship of high pitched ringing in ears.

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