Inner Ear Ringing Remedies

inner ear ringing remedies

To cure ringing ears, there are several inner ear ringing remedies that you can make at home. However, there are also some situation that you have to pay attention to make sure you do the right thing.

Knowing ringing ear better

Human ears are actually pretty sensitive. You cannot just take care of them when they are ringing without knowing the situation perfectly. Ringing ears or it is called tinnitus is actually not an illness, but it can be one of ear illness symptoms. In some situation, such as when you are on the plane, in the car, or after swimming and diving, you sometime feel different air pressure inside your ears and a little noise inside. It is also called tinnitus.

In some situation, tinnitus can occur more often and worse. You have to pay attention on several things. If you work in a loud environment such in a noisy factory, train station, or have to put on headset all the time, the ringing ears can happen due to those environment factor. Some people are really sensitive to several anti biotic, sedative drugs, and antidepressant drugs. It might create unbalance air pressure inside your ears or affect your thyroid that also affects your ear. The worst situation is that the ringing ears can be a symptom of hearing loss or brain tumor. In this case, you do not need inner ear ringing remedies, but you have to find the illness and get some medical treatment.

Natural remedies to help you

There are several natural remedies to help you cure ringing ears that commonly happens:

1. Get relax
It is especially for you who work in a noisy place. After working, you have to get relax. Getting a hot shower or soaking your body into warm water in a bath tub will help a lot. it will increase the blood circulation and balance overall body condition, including your ears.

2. Try ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba effective to increase the blood circulation around your neck. It will reduce the effect of imbalance thyroid hormone and help balancing the air pressure inside your ears.

3. Caffeine
Drink a cup of coffee can also be helpful. The caffeine will increase the blood pressure and it gives you similar effect to ginkgo biloba. However, you have to watch your blood pressure and your digestive function. Do not drink more than three cup of coffee in a day. It can be one of great inner ear ringing remedies, but also pretty risky with people with heart problem.

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