Knowing About Muffled Hearing and Ringing In One Ear

Muffled Hearing and Ringing In One Ear

Muffled hearing and ringing in one ear are ear problem suffered by many people in the world. There are some different hearing problems happened in humans. You should understand about them, so you can take the right solution for each problem. Two of most common ear problems are ringing ears (Tinnitus) and muffled hearing or stuffiness.


Tinnitus or the hearing of ringing and roaring sound in ears could be caused by some factors. The causes can be such as clogged external canal by ear wax, loud noise, ear drum inflammation, aspirin or other drugs overdoses, and many more causes. Tinnitus happens from the malleus traction by the ligament of Pinto names disco-malleolar ligament, and the ear associated musculature and Eustachian tube, and also the Pterygoid muscle triggers that is released.

Tensor tympani is the small ear muscle in the middle, which is attached to malleus. The tension of tympanic membrane will increase when contracted. Mandibular nerve is the source of the nerve supply, the Trigeminal nerve branch. Pinto’s ligament attaches the TM joint articular disc to the ear’s malleus bone.

Muffled Hearing or Stuffiness

Muffled hearing and ringing in one ear is also commonly called ear stuffiness or congestion. This problem is commonly happened in the Eustachian tube. It is a membrane tube that attaches the middle ear with the nose’s back. The main function is as a ventilation, so the air pressure in the middle ear is always normal. It also has some functions such as for secretion, debris, and infection drain from the middle area of the ear. The tube is opened and closed by small muscles on the back of throat and palate. The muscles will get contraction when you are yawning and swallowing and it will regulate the function of Eustachian tube. Some ear problem will happen when this tube is in problem. Including when it is blocked; clicking sound, popping and fullness will happen in your ear.

When muffled sound is heard inside your ear, it is strongly caused by the worsen function of Eustachian tube; it falls of air pressure and you feel full ear and the muffling sound. When a vacuum is created, I will cause fluid drawn to the middle ear. It is possible for ear infection to develop when the fluid is infected. When the tube is blocked, you will feel stuffy and congestion in ear as well as hearing the muffled sound. Call your doctor when the Muffled hearing and ringing in one ear is getting worse and you don’t feel better condition in one week.

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