When Your Left Ear Ringing: It’s the Omen

left ear ringing omen
The left ear ringing omen can be one of the most popular superstition. Of course, there is a clear medical explanation when your ears are ringing, either the right or the left one. But, some people are still pretty superstitious when they find their ears ringing.

You should know the omen of ringing ears

Commonly, people associate ringing ears with the situation where people are currently talking about them. When it is your left ear that rings, at the moment some people are talking about both good thing and bad thing about you. Not only the ringing ear, sometime you might feel itchy or warm inside up to the outside part of the ears. Some people believe that it indicates that something might happen, especially if it happens to your left ear. A bad thing might happen at the day when you feel the warm and tickle feeling, especially if you are about to go out.

Is it true?

Until today, the belief of left ear ringing is the omen still cannot be proven. In fact, the ringing ears can be an omen for your health not for any supernatural phenomenon. Ringing ears, it is also called tinnitus, is an indication of imbalance air pressure inside your ears that can be caused by several things. For example, it can happen after diving or any activities that trigger fast changing of air pressure around you. However, some constant ringing can be an indication of more serious health situation such as imbalance hormone, until hearing loss and even brain tumor. Indeed, left ear ringing omen asks you to visit the doctor when it comes constantly.

Be aware of the tinnitus

What are doing when you feel your ear ringing? Some people reflect to clench their hand, blow it with their mouth, and them put it to their ears. It can be helpful. The air from your mouth has warmer temperature will get your ear warmer and balance the temperature and air pressure inside your ears.

But, if you often experience tinnitus, you might have to do more things. First, it is very suggested for you to visit the doctor to find out the main reason or anything that trigger the ringing inside your ears. Second, avoid anything that trigger the tinnitus to happen. It will help you a lot without even doing anything. If you have lower blood pressure, you can start drinking coffee regularly in the morning. The caffeine will increase your blood pressure and make your heart pump blood faster. It will help lowering the air pressure inside your ears. In some cases the left ear ringing omen is a sign that your body also needs more salt.

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