Natural Home Remedy for Ringing in the Ears

natural home remedy for ringing in the ears
If you are considering using natural home remedy for ringing in the ears, it is better for you to consider these tips below. Ringing in the ears that also called in medical as Tinnitus is condition for ringing; hissing, buzzing, clicking and any other types of noise that seems originate come from ear or head. Generally, most of use experience tinnitus or sounds at some time. Tinnitus can extremely disturbing for people who experience it.

Supplement and Foods as Natural Home Remedy for Ringing in the Ears

There are several food and supplement that recommended for you to take.

  • Ginko biloba is herbs medicine that helps to increase the blood flow to the head, brain and neck. In addition, consume ginko biloba reduces blood vessel inflammation, that promote to the capillaries feeding circulation and nerves surround the ear. The ginko biloba is not fast and take time for relieve the problem. It is better to combine with other remedies to get better result
  • Caffeine are able to reduce the blood flow to the head, neck and ears that constrict to capillaries and other small blood vessel. In turn, this natural home remedy for ringing in the ears can aggravate the symptom of tinnitus.

Preventing next ringing in the ears

When you experience tinnitus, it is better for you to take prevention steps that will prevent you have worsened or experience tinnitus in future.

  • Noise management. The first step is avoided to get exposure of too loud noises and music to protect your ears. The loud noises are able to cause additional damage to your ears, and it is can be extremely painful for those with existing tinnitus. The second way is use white noise generator fan during sleep that will help to mask the noises and provide relief for some people to their ringing in the ears problem.
  • Mechanical solutions. There are ways people get suffer tinnitus and experience hearing loss such as because of wax build up. It is recommended for have ears checking and assessed condition before take aggressive measures. The next method that able to reduce your ringing in the ear is by use finger drumming technique. The technique is place your hands palms over the ears with finger resting gently on your head back. Point toward your middle fingers to another just above the skull base. Place the index fingers on your middle finger top and snap the index fingers on the skull make a loud drumming noise. Repeat about 40-50 times. This natural home remedy for ringing in the ears will reduce your symptoms.

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