Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment: Pros, Cons and Cost

Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment

Neuromonics tinnitus treatment cost has made many people suffer the most because there are a lot of money which should be spent for getting this treatment for their tinnitus. Nevertheless, people cannot imagine about the suffering which can be caused by tinnitus so it seems like paying a lot of money for the treatment can be useful investment for them to get rid of the annoying sound in their ear. People should learn further about the treatment of tinnitus so they can make decision whether it is worth it or not to spend a lot of money for buying this tinnitus treatment option.


This system for the tinnitus treatment comes as the music therapy system which is customized. It is specialized for treating tinnitus for sure. This device was created by an audiologist from Australia, Paul Davis. It has the basic concept for increasing the sound information which goes to the brain especially in the hearing loss area. The device will deliver more sound to the brain in the high pitch area if people have problem with the hearing loss of high pitch. The device will also send the low pitch music sound to the brain when they have hearing loss with lose pitch.

How It Work

Before people can use this device for helping them manage their tinnitus, they have to find the audiologist. There will be evaluation of tinnitus performed by the audiologist. There will be some things to do including the hearing test as well as testing for tinnitus loudness. After the test, the device for tinnitus treatment will be programmed by the audiologist. The programming surely will be fitted with the hearing loss experienced by the uses. For example, people have the hearing loss for the high pitch so the device will amplify higher pitches more.

Pros and Cons

Every product including the device for treating tinnitus has pros and cons which can be used as consideration when people are looking for the best treatment option. The great benefit which people can find from this device is the fact that it can provide the effective support for their tinnitus. However, people also have to face the biggest disadvantage from this device associated with the cost. It is very expensive since it can have about $6000 cost. It is equal with the price of some smart phones at once after all. That is why there are many people who cannot reach this product due to the expensive neuromonics tinnitus treatment cost.

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