The Relation of Ringing in Ears and Dizziness Brain Tumor

Ringing in Ears and Dizziness Brain Tumor

There are tight relation in ringing in ears and dizziness brain tumor. Dizziness is term that use for explain the feeling of unbalance of our sense. The dizziness also encompasses to vary of sensations that can mean different things to different people. Some people report the dizziness as everything that goes spinning around them. On other side, ringing in the ears, or sometimes called with tinnitus is annoying condition of ringing, buzzing, and other type of noise that seems originate in the ear or head. When both of these conditions appear, it could be diagnose for brain tumor called with acoustic neuroma.

The Appears of Ringing in Ears and Dizziness In Brain Tumor

The most common symptom that appears in acoustic neuroma is ringing in ears and dizziness brain tumor. Tinnitus is not a disease within itself. Tinnitus are able caused by earwax, ageing, ear infections, and noise induces include the hearing loss. The dizziness that appears in brain tumor also correlated with vertigo. It is nearly 50% of people that have acoustic neuroma have this symptom. Vertigo is also caused by other condition that appears near in ears.

There is several symptoms that related to brain tumor including loss of feeling or facial numbness, headache, earache, tiredness and lack of energy, visual problem and hearing loss. This symptom is less appears rather than both of two symptoms above. The complication that common appears when this disease is not treated well is damage in nerve and brain, and hearing loss, damage to facial numbness and many more.

Treatment for ringing in ears and dizziness brain tumor

When you diagnosed with very small acoustic neuroma, the best way to treat it is with monitor closely and observe. This is due to acoustic neuroma that very slows growing and not causes any symptom for long time. Acoustic Neuroma is not spread and not malignant so it is safe for watching for a while. The main treatment for acoustic neuroma is surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery. The treatment that you will accept is depends on the suitability for surgery or radiotherapy. The age and general health condition will lead to the how fit you will accept for take different treatment. Your tumor size also influence for the treatment that offered. If you get both of ringing in ears and dizziness brain tumor it is best for you to get immediately test to ensure diagnose.

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