Ringing in Right Ear Superstition

ringing in right ear superstition

Right Ear Ringing: Somebody’s Talking about You!

Ringing in right ear superstition seems to be one of the most popular belief in society. Is it true? You have to know more about some medical facts about ringing ears.

Superstition of your right ringing

What are you thinking when your right ear suddenly ringing? Some people believe that there are people talking about them at that particular moment. Do not think that they are talking about good thing. The ringing right ear always associates that people are talking about your bad side. In some places, people believe that when they find their right ear ringing in the morning, it is a sign that something bad will happen if you go out of your house.
Until today, the belief is still cannot be proven. However, from medical perspective ringing ear is indeed a sign of something bad happens inside your body. Ringing ear or tinnitus is not actually an illness, but it is a symptom of some illness. In some cases, tinnitus is only caused by imbalance air pressure or loud noise that makes your ears tired. However, when the tinnitus happens a lot, you have to be aware. It is more than just ringing in right ear superstition. It can be an indication of more serious ear situation such as hearing loss.

Things you should not do

Most people always think that the cleaner their ears, the better it is. It makes them clean their ears on their own even everyday. You should not do that. In fact, your ears are able to clean the wasted ear wax by themselves. Cleaning your ears too much, may even lead the dirt to get deeper to your ears. If you find that the ear wax blocks your ear canal, it is suggested for you to visit the doctor. You still can clean your ears, but you cannot dip anything to deep to your ear canals. You may hurt your ear by doing this.

Thing you can do

To reduce the ringing inside your ears, there are still several things you can do. If it happens occasionally after particular situation such as after diving or after do some activities that change air pressure drastically, you just have to relax and lay down. If there is any water inside your ears, you can just lay down and the water come outside eventually. You can chew gum when you get on the plane. It will help a lot. While if the tinnitus comes constantly, you should forget any ringing in right ear superstition, visit the doctor. It can be a symptom of serious condition.

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