Sudden Hearing Loss in One Ear Ringing

Sudden Hearing Loss in One Ear RingingAre you experience sudden hearing loss in one ear ringing? There is 1 of 10 people that experience the symptom. The sudden hearing loss that also known as SSHL is terms that explain the rapid loss of hearing between split in a second and next three days. The sudden deafness is emergency condition that needs fast treatment. About 1/3 people experience sudden deafness and notice it when they are wake up in the morning. The others then notice this condition when they try to use their telephone. Some people also report that they also hear loud popping sound just before their hearing disappear.

Causes of sudden hearing loss in one ear ringing

There are several conditions that able to lead sudden hearing loss in one ear ringing as their symptom. Therefore, it is important for have examination, test and scans that able to diagnose to the disease below. Sudden hearing loss can be symptom that related to acoustic neuroma, meningitis, bacterial labyrinthis, multiple sclerosis, syphilis, leukemia, encephalitis, metastatic carcinoma, autoimmune disease. SSHL is happen in the inner ear, the cochlea in the inner ear, or in the pathway nerve between ear and brain that become damage. The babies also able to indicate with SSHL as result of

· Infection that pass from mother to children such as rubella, syphilis, and many more include herpes
· Low birth weight
· Toxoplasma gandii which is parasite that passes through womb
· Inherited or gen.

Hearing loss that happen into children develop as result of birth infection or damage that caused by otoxic medication. You need to take your children to take hearing inspection if you find signs such as ;

· Do not attempt to form words
· Do not seems understands the language
· Do not appears to startle at sudden noises to responds to any sounds in way that you expect
· Had number of ear infections or problem with balance

Diagnose sudden hearing loss in one ear ringing

To diagnose the hearing loss in your ear, there will be physical exam and medical history. Make sure you tell the doctor about the medical history and the over the counter and prescription that you take. The earlier treatment will increase your recovery level. Looking for the causes of hearing loss will make your doctors is able to find best treatment for you. If you get notice for sudden hearing loss in one ear ringing it is best for call emergency help.

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