Swimmers Ear Ringing Problem

Swimmers Ear Ringing Swimmers ear ringing is a common health problem suffered by swimmers for the infections. This problem is also called Tinnitus. Ear ringing is always annoying and will get worse if the ear infection isn’t treated well.

The Definition of Tinnitus

Tinnitus or ear ringing problem is the health condition that makes the sufferers hearing the sounds of ringing, rushing, buzzing, or clicking that comes from the internal of the ear. This problem commonly happens in one or both of the ears; constantly or irregularly in brief period but quite annoying. For those who suffer ear ringing in extremely loud sound, it must be much more annoying.

The Causes of Ear Ringing or Tinnitus  

Swimmers ear ringing is mostly caused by ear infection and it commonly develops to be tinnitus. Actually, tinnitus and swimming don’t have direct correlation. However, many swimmers get ear infection and then develop this condition. Tinnitus happens for the damaged inner cells in ears. The inner ear has some tiny hairs that will vibrate when some noise is heard. The vibration will send the sound to brain and when it is damaged, the information of the sound may be false. Sometimes, the sufferer hears some sounds that don’t come from outside.

Tinnitus and swimmer’s ear condition are different. When the ears get infected, it causes painful swimmer’s ear and could lead nerve damage inside the ears and this is the tinnitus cause. However, not every ear infection or swimmer’s ear develops to tinnitus.

How to Treat Swimmer Ear Ringing?

Based on the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), tinnitus doesn’t have any cure. Yet, some tinnitus cases can be eliminated by treating the damaged ear cells. The doctors commonly treat the ear infections; not the tinnitus. That is why, in some cases, tinnitus could still remain even the infection has been cured. To treat the swimmer ear ringing, ear infection is commonly treated first by antibiotic drops to the ear and staying out from water for a period. Some suggestion comes from anecdotal information that it also can be treated by homeopathic treatments like herbal such as ginkgo biloba, magnesium or zinc, and B vitamins consumption.

How to Avoid This Condition?

Because the main factor of the ear condition is infection from the water, patient should stay out from water for some period especially the ear area. Mayo Clinic suggested that the patients should keep the ears dry; it must be difficult for swimmer athletes. It is important to plug your ears to keep it dry, remove the ear wax, and also avoiding the polluted water; as suggested by ATA, to prevent swimmer ear ringing problem.

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