Symptoms and Treatments of Pulsatile Tinnitus

pulsatile tinnitus symptoms and treatment

Pulsatile tinnitus symptoms and treatment of course has crucial relation especially for people who have to deal with pulsatile tinnitus problem. There is no question that people do not want to suffer from the annoying hearing sensation when there is no external sound. It will not be comfortable for hearing the sound in their ear when there is no sound out there. It can disturb their activity and there can be a time it can also make people lose their confidence. That is why people should learn more about this condition to understand the problem and treat it correctly.


There are some symptoms which people can find when they are suffering from the pulsatile tinnitus problem. One thing for sure, people will hear the phantom noise in their ear with different types. It can be ringing, buzzing, clicking, roaring, or hissing. The pitch of the phantom noise can also be varied which can include the high squeal and low roar. The noise can also be experienced in one ear or both. There can be condition which makes people hear the phantom noise which is very loud so they cannot concentrate or hear the actual sound. This condition can be experienced all the time. However, it can just come and go. 


The most important thing which people will look for associated with the pulsatile tinnitus is about the way for treating their hearing condition. For finding the right treatment, the doctor will identify the condition which is associated with the tinnitus symptoms. There are some steps which can be followed for reducing the noise due to specific health condition. For example, the noise can be reduced by performing removal for earwax, blood vessel condition treatment, and medication changing. There can be a time that the bothersome noise can be suppressed by using white noise. In this circumstance, there will be electronic device which will be used including white noise machine, hearing aids, masking device, as well as tinnitus retraining. People maybe have question whether taking medication can help them cure the tinnitus but there is no drug which can be used for treating tinnitus. However, the drug can be used for reducing the symptoms severity or complication in some cases. The possible drug includes tricyclic antidepressants and Alprazolam. There are also some options of alternative medicine which can be used for treating tinnitus including acupuncture, zinc supplement, ginkgo biloba, hypnosis, as well as vitamin B. Hopefully people can get better condition after knowing pulsatile tinnitus symptoms and treatment.

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